• Location Center
  • Type Product Company
  • Size 201-500
  • Company Size: 201-500
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Product Company

Power your customer relationships and business success with Como’s revolutionary CLM (Customer Loyalty Management) solution.

Como is pioneering CLM (Customer Loyalty Management), empowering any size businesses and brands to build and sustain the customer relationships essential for growth and success. A global leader in digital loyalty and engagement solutions since 2010, Como’s revolutionary CLM solution enables businesses to engage their customers, understand their behavior, and keep them coming back.

Built on the belief that state-of-the-art technology should be accessible to any business, Como’s top-tier SaaS platform is easy to manage and affordable, making it the ideal solution for businesses who lack the time and resources to manage their customer base and drive repeat business.

Como’s flexible, turnkey solution features a customized and branded mobile app and management console that integrates customer engagement, smart loyalty programs, autopilot tools, dynamic content, actionable business data and insights, social interaction, and much more—all in one modular platform. Papa John’s, Burger King, Coca-Cola, and BMW are just some of the businesses and brands around the world harnessing the power of Como’s CLM solution to cultivate lasting customer relationships. Como also works with large partners such as Sodexo, as well as partners of various types and sizes.