Bank Hapoalim

  • Location Center
  • Type Services Company
  • Size 10,001+
  • Company Size: 10,001+
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Services Company

Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s leading financial group and largest bank. The Bank has a significant presence in global financial markets.

In Israel, the Group has over 260 full-service branches, eight regional business centers, and industry desks for major corporate customers.

Bank Hapoalim is currently strengthening its domestic presence, through “express” branches in high-traffic areas for the retail market; mid-market targeted business service branches, and a significant increase in the number of mortgage desks. In addition, it is opening up “boutique” branches in affluent neighborhoods. Together with the growth of direct banking interaction through the web, automated self-service machines, and call centers, the Bank also promotes interpersonal contact, and the potential it offers for cross-selling, relationship-building and customer loyalty.

Overseas, Bank Hapoalim operates through branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices, in North and Latin America, Europe, East Asia, Turkey and Australia.

In Israel, the Bank Hapoalim Group includes financial companies involved in investment banking, credit cards, trust services and portfolio management. The Group also has holdings in non-banking sectors.

Bank Hapoalim is rated by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch. Bank Hapoalim is the only Israeli bank listed on both the Tel Aviv and London stock exchanges and has a Level-1 ADR traded in New York’s OTC market.