• Location Center
  • Type Services Company
  • Size 11-50
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Services Company

Cydersoft (TM) offers a comprehensive set of mobile video advertising monetization services leveraging its home-grown scalable VideMob (TM) platform which serves over 5 billion ad opportunities every day.

VideMob combines algorithms and machine learning technologies with large-scale RTB and programmatic processes to maximize revenues and ROI for advertisers and publishers.

The innovative VideMob solution includes a variety of video players for mobile and desktop, flexible integration options to support all standards including VAST and HTML5 VPAID, enables delivery of all video ad types, such as in-stream, out-stream or custom.

For advertisers – Ensures inventory quality with premium publishers, accurate targeting and user matching, built-in real-time fraud prevention, enhanced viewability and brand safety. For publishers – Matches leading brands with the most relevant inventory and audience to ensure higher fill rates and the best eCPM available. For ad networks – Runs on both direct and indirect traffic and monitors in real-time 100% of the traffic to detect invalid and fraudulent traffic. To request a demo, visit