DAU-UP ClicksMob

  • Location Center
  • Type Services Company
  • Size 51-200
  • Company Size: 51-200
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Services Company

DAU-UP ClicksMob is a world leader in user acquisition & revenue maximization for mobile apps.

We deliver a full media solution across Facebook, Google, performance platform, programmatic and direct media assets to the leading gaming, e-commerce, travel, entertainment & finance apps.

We offer full media solutions across Facebook, Google, proprietary performance platforms, programmatic media buying, and direct media. DAU-UP ClicksMob is a Facebook & Instagram Partner (FMP with Ad-tech specialty badge) and a certified Google partner. As official Facebook, Instagram & Google Partners, we benefit from a deep technical integration with them and are first to try new features and products launches.

Our cutting-edge proprietary technology allows full management and optimization of mobile campaigns, based on post-install events in order to ensure our partners with a positive ROI. Our targeting excellence combined with platform capabilities and automated optimization, allow us to acquire premium mobile users with the highest monetization value. We also proud of our fraud-fighting technology which allows us to ensure that only the best traffic is being sent to DAU-UP ClicksMob campaigns.

Furthermore, the real game changer is the creatives, and this is where our in-house creative studio takes the stage to empower ads with beautiful and compelling images and videos that drive high engagement and immediate response. The effective A/B creative testing plans allow us to create the right campaign and creatives in advanced. In addition, our in-house creatives support the best ROI and as part of our optimization process, our team analyzes the creative performance.

A subsidiary of XL Media (AIM: XLM), DAU-UP ClicksMob has been operating in the online marketing industry for over six years and is a part of the Webpals Group, one of the leading performance marketing companies, which is operating on an international scale and in numerous verticals.

As of 2017, the company is conducting its business through three Branches located in Tel Aviv, Seoul & San Francisco and are looking at further global expansion.

Whether you want to launch, grow or reactivate your mobile app, DAU-UP ClicksMob will help you take your app to the next level by bringing your daily active user rate up and maximize your ROI.

Contact our mobile marketing specialists to get started & build a strong partnership with DAU-UP ClicksMob: info@dauup-clicksmob.com