• Location Center
  • Type Start Up
  • Size 1-10
  • Company Size: 1-10
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Start Up

eRated is a market intelligence platform for online retail players (marketplaces, brands and large sellers). We provide our customers with the competitive edge to compete in congested markets.

eRated provides clarity at a time where there’s a complete data fragmentation. We give answers to questions like:

1. How is my retail business compared to my competition in terms of product availability and pricing?

2. What are the hottest items I need to bring to my platform and what are the items I should get rid of quickly?

3. Who are the upcoming new product suppliers I should start working with?

Our goal is to essentially predict the market and help our customers grow and stay healthy with our insights. eRated’s founders are veterans of elite Israeli army tech units(8200 & Mamram), alumni of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program (Israel’s most prominent student accelerator program) and TechStars.