Marketing Envy

  • Location Center
  • Type Start Up
  • Size 11-50
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Start Up

Outsourced Tech & Startup Marketing

If your growth depends on reaching technical teams, you’ve reached the right agency.

Marketing Envy helps tech companies and startups connect with CIOs / CISOs / DevOps / SecOps / DevSecOps / TechOps / AnyOps
<and most acronyms you can dream of> with solid inbound and outbound marketing that delivers.

Enviable Services

Inbound & Outbound Marketing by Marketing Envy. Because nothing works alone, there are no silver bullets, quick hacks or magic tricks.

Attract Convert Close Envy

Creative Messaging

Messaging is core and getting it right is the key to your inbound and outbound marketing.

Multi-channel PPC

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Outbrain.

We love them all and will integrate them to get max’ results.

SEO, Content Marketing & Social Media

Original content creation based on SEO, keyword research and a solid understanding of what interests your target audience.

Marketing Automation & Scaling Up

Neglecting leads should be a punishable crime.

That’s why we use a solid marketing platform to nurture your precious leads into divine customers.