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  • Type Start Up
  • Size 1-10
  • Company Size: 1-10
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Start Up

We are your new essential shopping companion – an incredibly useful and valuable spot between browsing and buying. A Thinkover place. With Thinkover you won’t rush into something, or skip over something and misplace it forever. We’re the smart pause you need. Now you can save, organize and share all the things you’re thinking about buying. Drag and drop any item from any store into place – on your desktop or through our mobile app. Organize individual items into any categories you want. Manage all your shopping from one location – easily compare items – and bring order to the inspiring but frustrating chaos of online shopping. Shop smarter, with instant alerts anytime an item in your Thinkover place goes on sale.

Who is it for

Thinkover is for anyone who rushed into a purchase, and suffered from the pangs of buyer’s regret … who didn’t pause and think things over. For anyone who delayed a purchased and suffered a different kind of regret. For anyone who’s scratched their head and said: “Where did I see that cool blue dress?” For anyone who’s wanted to send a friend an item to get an honest second opinion. For anyone who’s anxiously waiting for an item to go on sale – but doesn’t have the time for moment-by-moment checking. In other words, we are for everyone.

How are we different?

Not to be braggy, but no one does what we do. We take the fun, addictive qualities of dragging-and-dropping and put them to work to create a magical new place between browsing and buying. A place to pause and yes, think things over. (Our name says it all.) It’s super easy and we work on any and every store on the internet. So you can collect, organize, and manage all your shopping with us!

Where can you find us

Our Thinkover browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Safari — other browsers will follow shortly. Our mobile app is currently only available for iOS. But don’t fret – an Android version’s coming soon!