Songo Media

  • Location Center
  • Type Agency
  • Location: Center
  • Company Type: Agency

Songo Media is a leading performance advertising and digital media company.

Founded in 2009, Songo Media started out in online advertising. By taking a holistic approach, Songo Media expanded into multiple digital platforms on web, mobile and video. It offers advertisers and publishers creative and effective ways to promote, monetize and acquire apps, products, games and services.

With cutting-edge in-house technological capabilities, Songo Media offers a range of technological solutions to improve user engagement and increase the profitability of display, mobile and video advertisers and publishers.

As the online world continues to evolve, Songo Media continues to apply its experience and market knowledge to new platforms, delivering high ROI from leading-edge practices. Songo Media’s companies includes: Installium, Balaganna, Gameoff, Tap Gamez, Muviworld and more.

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